June 11, 2022

Tom Ford

By Marcus Freeman
Tom Ford

If you want to achieve the timelessly classic "Tom Ford" look, follow these simple steps:

Trim your beard to the desired length and shape using scissors or an electric trimmer with sharp blades. Use a boar bristle brush to remove any stray hairs and achieve a refined look.

Tidy up the lower neck area by using a guard set at 3mm to buzz cut from the Adam's apple up to two inches below the jawline.

Tom Ford Beard

Use the guard set at about two thirds of your desired beard length to fade the facial hair into the lower neck, creating a smooth, even gradient.

Remove the guard and carefully clean cut the neckline below the Adam's apple and on the sides of the neck, or use an electric shaver or wet razor for an ultra crisp finish.

Once you have your beard shaped to your liking, apply BEARDdye in your chosen color and wait for 5 minutes.

Tomt Ford

Take a shower or rinse your face to complete the look and give your beard a refreshed appearance.

By following these steps and using a good quality color, you can achieve the well-groomed, debonair look that embodies Tom Ford's style. Good luck and we are here to help.

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