Beard Dye Pen & Brush

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In stock

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$17.00 USD
$13.60 USD

Auto-renews, skip or cancel anytime. View subscription policy

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Our BEARDdye subscription service goes beyond merely delivering beard dye; it offers a comprehensive grooming experience. From substantial discounts to hassle-free deliveries, free shipping, and a coveted membership to the BEARD DYE Club, subscribers enjoy a grooming journey like no other. Elevate your beard game and experience the difference with BEARDdye – where excellence meets convenience.

Unlock the secret to impeccable beard grooming with our revolutionary Beard Dye Pen and Brush. Moreover, elevate your beard game to new heights and confidently define, shape, and enhance the contours of your facial hair with our Beard Pen Filler. Furthermore, say goodbye to scattered beards; instead, achieve a seamlessly groomed appearance that speaks volumes. 

Natural Precision

Crafted with cutting-edge technology, our Beard Dye Pen features four fork-shaped tips that seamlessly repair any gaps in your beard or eyebrows. The result? A natural and fresh appearance that effortlessly complements your unique style.

Latest Grooming Innovation

Embark on the journey into the future of beard styling with our advanced design. Firstly, the four fork-shaped tips make outlining your beard a breeze. Next, simply follow with an even application of color along your desired shape. Additionally, for a truly natural finish, use the included soft-bristled brush to blend and soften the edges. Ultimately, our innovative approach ensures a seamless and sophisticated beard grooming experience.

Waterproof Confidence

Our Beard Dye Pen boasts a waterproof, anti-fouling, and anti-sweat formula. Moreover, this means your impeccably styled beard will withstand whatever the day throws at you. Additionally, enjoy long-lasting confidence that stays with you from morning to night. Furthermore, our innovative formula ensures that your beard remains resilient and vibrant throughout the day.

Colors that Complement

Choose from two versatile colors, Beard Pen Black Color and Beard Pen Brown Color; expertly curated to match your natural hair color seamlessly. Additionally, our Beard Dye Pen perfectly complements our range of beard dyes, ensuring a cohesive and polished look. Moreover, these pens offer a convenient application process for effortless grooming.

Beard Dye Pen

Pen Size
12 x 2cm / 4.72 x 0.79inch

Brush Size
13.8 x 2.5cm / 5.43 x 0.98inch

Black or Brown